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Research Management



Due date for submission: 31 January 2016. 


Please submit articles published in accredited journals in 2015 to the Department of Research Management as soon as they have been published.  Authors must please liaise amongst each other as to who will submit the claim. This will prevent duplicate submissions.


1          2014 Publications

Outputs from 2014 may also be submitted on condition that it can be proved that it was published after the 2014 claim was finalized (May 2015) or for any other reason(s) beyond the control of the authors. NB: An explanation for the late submission must accompany the submission. 


2          Requirements when submitting a published article

Only hard copies of articles must be submitted.  Submissions may be done via email in cases where the authors do not occupy an office on any of the Port Elizabeth campuses. 


The following must appear on the article:

  • The volume number, the issue number, year of publication and page numbers. If this does not appear on the article it means that the article is not in the reprint format yet. Articles may be printed directly from the internet as long as it contains the aforesaid information. 
  • If an author is affiliated to the NMMU, it must be indicated as such on the Form 3 by underlining the name and by providing the staff or student number.
  • If students were involved, a copy of the student record must be attached.
  • If a Research Associate or HEAVA Professor was involved,a letter of appointment must be attached. 
  • The same is applicable with reference to any other official contract appointment.


3          Submission of articles in accredited journals

The applicant (the person who completed the Form 3) will be provided with an acknowledgement of receipt within 10 working days.  If such a receipt is not received, please contact Alta Botha. External authors will receive the acknowledgement of receipt via email.


Please do not hesitate to contact Alta Botha should you need any assistance.


Journal articles must be delivered to: 

Ms Alta Botha, Tel: 504 2027, Office: Room 1309, 13th Floor, Main Building, South Campus




Please note that all outputs must be submitted by the submission date of 31 January 2016. Thereafter a motivation for the late submission is required.


The applicable form must be signed by the Faculty RTI Committee chairperson certifying that the publication meets all the DHET subsidy criteria.


Hard copy of books & conference proceedings, together with the required forms, should be handed to:


Ms Nicola Taylor, Tel: 504 4536 / Office: Room 1311, 13th Floor, Main Building, South Campus